Our Story

In September 2008, I opened the “Highway Barbershop” on Nesconset Highway in Port Jefferson Station, NY. I started out all by myself, thinking I would open a small family oriented barber shop.

Before I knew it, business was booming and I needed to hire another barber to help out. That's when Bridget came along with many years of experience cutting and styling. She was a great addition to the team.

Business continued to increase with the two of us working. Fast forward a couple of years and my son, Matt, was graduating school and trying to decide what he wanted to do for a living. After some consideration, he decided to jump into the barbering business with Bridget and myself. He was up to speed in no time, which was no surprise, as he’d been around it his whole life.

We all come together with our own different forte in experience. Where one may be better with doing a skin fade, the other may be better at long hair layers.

In addition to our experience as Barbers, Bridget and I also have a lot of hair salon experience, which allows us to also cut women and girls hair at barbershop prices.

Everyone in the shop is very professional and welcoming to all our clients. We also work with special needs clients, as well as catering to toddlers, whereas you may not get such a welcoming experience with other barber shops.

Although most of our clients are men, as a Family Barbershop we do have a wide range of loyal clients and we continue to add new ones each week.

Hope you come down and give us a try too.